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August 23, 2012 is one of the oldest and most trusted web business on the internet.  Naturally there are some good things from being a "grandaddy" business on the web and some not so good things.

One of the not so good things has been that we have been unable to edit things on this web site until now.

We just recently converted this site to be powered by WordPress so we can more easily fix the things that need to be fixed.

So if you see something that's wrong please let us know and we can probably easily fix it.

Brent Van Arsdell



Traveling Wave Stirling Engine

Traveling Wave EngineUntil recently all Stirling engines had a piston and a displacer (which moved the air back and forth) or two pistons to move the air back and forth.

This engine only has one piston and no displacer. We aren't quite sure why it works, but we are sure that some of the explanations you will read on the web are wrong.

This engine has been beautifully machined out of aluminum. It has precision bearings. It's electrically heated with 110v. ac. 60 hz. It probably would work fine with a plug adapter on 220 v 50 hz, but a transformer is probably a good idea.

Right now this is a very limited edition, and are no longer for sale.

This is quite a large engine. It's about 18 inches long. The cosmetics of this engine were designed by a top designer, and it was hand built by a Swiss machinist.

There is a lot of invisible quality in this engine. The heated glass cylinder is expensive quartz glass and the piston is precision machined graphite.

If you want a less expensive Stirling engine that is still beautiful, please look at our model MM-7

Smart Stirling Lab Engine v. 2.0

Smart Stirling Lab EngineThis engine is intended for physics, thermodynamics, and mechanical engineering professors who want to provide a high-quality lab experience for their students. It comes with pressure, temperature, and volume sensors along with custom electronics and custom data acquisition software that runs on your PC.

Click here to download a 27 meg .exe file that includes the software and sample data.

For a more detailed description of this engine please download the manual (8.5 meg .pdf file). You may also enjoy the online version of the manual.

The engine was re-designed in 2008. It now includes a built in dynamometer. Our custom software makes data acquisition easy.

As of 2012, It is no longer available for purchase.