Unusual engine - looking for information on it

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Unusual engine - looking for information on it

Postby readferry » Sat Aug 23, 2008 12:04 pm

The subject model engine has the following characteristics: (1) no
mechanical connection between the power piston and the displacement
piston, (2) the displacementn piston pops up through the top of the
cooling section with an O-ring at it's top end so it would be sealed
when at the bottom of its stroke, (3) it has a water jacket around
the cooling section and a tiny piston pump driven by the power
piston through a belt, (4) the power and displacement pistons move
vertically and the drive shaft is horizontal, and finally (5) I
could not get it to work using an alcohol lamp and ice water. Any
information about this engine, eg: manufacturer, name, possible
solution to operation issue, etc. would be sincerely appreciated. I
will send a photo if requested.
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Unusual engine - looking for information on it

Postby stan.hornbaker » Sat Aug 23, 2008 3:28 pm

Bill Blakeslee:

This is a "gamma two cylindr Ringbom" engine. The "O" ring is to cushion the fall of the displacer piston when it fall into its lower position. Heating of the bottom of the displacer piston causes both the displace and the power piston to move with a crank offset of approx 90 deg. The air contained in Stirling engines is essentially at atmospheric pressure with the exception of power producing engines where pressurized crankcases are employed. The water pump and cooling jacket are a nice addition.

The engine should be oil free. All sliding/moving surfaces may need to be cleaned and polished. I would try running the engine with normal temp. water from the tap. Denatured alcohol is usually the alcohol of choice model for Stirling engines.
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