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Modification in Stirling engine

Posted: Wed Oct 17, 2012 2:58 am
by VnI
I have an idea, what if we pass the hot air in to the piston and cylinder arrangement?
well, it requires the installation of valves and also eliminates the cooling of air.
my idea goes like this,
heating of air(hydrogen)externally in other small cylinder (heating chamber) to the required temperature,this hot air is made to flow in to piston and cylinder arrangement through the inlet valve(outlet valve closed). Since entering hot air has some pressure, it expands and then due to the expansion(change in volume) pressure and temperature decreases to some extent.
this expanded air is pushed back to the heating chamber through the outlet valve(inlet closed) where again the air is heated to required temperature and the cycle continues without any cooling source.
This is still a Stirling ENgine......the same gas circulates.
but this does not work in a single cylinder and piston arrangement, I SUPPOSE!