Free Engineering for Stirling Engine Members

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Free Engineering for Stirling Engine Members

Postby tj7734.smith » Sun Dec 21, 2003 10:02 am

No, this is not spam.

I am looking for rasters, PDF's or any other drawing that could be
converted into parametric(ie-Solid Edge,SolidWorks, Pro Engineer,
Etc) , 3D models for animations, drawings and presentations, which I
would then return back to the group's public forum.

I am offering this because I know a lot of good designs are at risk
of being lost forever in their current tattered paper forms. To
digitize these designs and re-print them to new, CAD drawings does
them justice in the art of preservation.

I ask for nothing in return except patience as I am doing this in my
free time.

No project is too big or small as I have been doing this type of
thing for 14 years now, mainly the nuclear field which included
everything from robots, to turbines to reactors and all bits in

Let me know via direct e-mail if you are interested in submitting
any projects or if any of you have questions.

Best regards,
Tim Smith, C.E.T.
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First Name: Tim
Last Name: Smith, C.E.T.

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