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Known engine attribute repository?

PostPosted: Sun Dec 20, 2009 12:18 am
by shannonkeyannon

Hi Guys and Girls,

I am interested in the physical properties of engines with known power output. If you have plans you are
willing to upload I am happy to work it out for myself. Can anybody fill in the following for a particular engine?

  • type: (Alpha, beta, other-describe)

  • Power output (mechanical at shaft):

  • Hot side temp:

  • Cold side temp:

  • Power piston displacement or swept volume:

    • Power Piston diameter:

    • Power Piston stroke:

  • working volume (volume in which working gas is heated and cooled:

At top of Heating Cycle (i.e. for alpha engine this would be internal displacer wall surface area when
displacer retracted to expose working gas to hot wall)

  • Heating surface area to volume ratio:

At top of cooling cycle (prob symetrical with hot SA as above.)

  • cooling surface area to volume ratio:

  • Total volume (Working volume + dead volume + power piston displacement):

  • Mean pressure:

  • Further comments such as number of pistons and their configuration:

I think a few have touched on it already, but I am trying to build up profiles which involve more detail than
hot side/cold side evaluations. Hopefully this might become a useful repository for myself and others to compare
different engines and perhaps expose inefficiencies in their design.

Many kind regards,