Solar Stirling car

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Solar Stirling car

Postby dirk.vantroyen » Thu Dec 08, 2005 4:10 pm

I am a student at the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the
university of Leuven, Belgium. I'm working on a project to design a
car that is powered only by the sun's heat. It will be designed to be
able to race at the 2007 World Solar Challenge in Australia. We
would, however, make use of a system of mirrors and/or Fresnel lenses
(the flat ones) and a Stirling engine.

The car can be about 200"x70" and 63" high. That would then produce a
maximum solar power of 7 kW, and with an Stirling engine, an output
of around 1.5-2 kW max.

It will not likely be built, we're just making a design on paper. But
in order to do that, I'd need to find a place where I can find a
decent Stirling engine producing that kind of output, and its
technical specs. Solo Germany said that they had a 1.5 kW prototype,
but I did not get a technical drawing or anything from them. They do
sell commercial-type 9kW dish systems, opposed to what mr. Hornbaker
says. I haven't been able to contact the people at Epas Germany
( yet, but they do claim to be making small
dish systems.

Can anyone help me on this matter? I've been
through lots of websites, but so far I haven't had too much luck with
Anyone with experience in solar powered Stirling is welcome to give
advice too.


Dirk Van Troyen

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