Using Stirling engine to cool kitchen stove

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Using Stirling engine to cool kitchen stove

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I'm installing a wood burner that heat up water which I tend to use as my main heat for both regular use and radiators.
It's a La Nordica kitchen stove with a water circuit inside and it the regulating is down to the user's hand.
The only thing protecting the stove from overheating to a point where temperature gets too high on the water is a valve that will let in cold water in a secondary circuit and out to drain if temperature get at 95C
I was hoping I could use a Stirling engine that would be enabled automaticlly if the temperature got above 90C so that instead of draining hot water for no use I could convert it into electricity before the safety valve opened at all.

Googling and looking around the net points me to that there is hard to produce power from such low temperatures and it's hard to produce engines delivering some real power.

Looking forward to hearing the experts :)
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