Power to weight in modern Stirling

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Power to weight in modern Stirling

Postby codylink » Wed Feb 04, 2009 10:33 pm

I have been looking into the application of stirlings to automotives
but I cant find many resources. Does anyone know what kind of power
to weight ratio a modern Stirling gets? I know they have decent sized
engines in a solar power setup (http://www.stirlingenergy.com/).
For example, if I wanted a 50 hp Stirling engine how heavy would it be
an how large? How about a 100 hp?
Also do you know of any companies currently producing Stirling engines
in these sizes?
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Response to Power to weight in modern Stirling

Postby bptdude___2569 » Wed Feb 04, 2009 11:01 pm

You will find ample documentation about a dabble by GM to use Stirling engines. Somebody believed it might be done and could be a good idea.

Current thinking, though, is that we just assume the Stirling is going to be bigger and heavier by quite a margin compared to an internal combustion engine.

That is not a bad thing. The perk desired from the Stirling is to run on unusual heat sources. An engine running, can produce direct work, electricity, or hydrogen, at various efficiencies.

So, to translate, the Stirling is going to be friggin huge compared to the Honda snowmobile engine power size.


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