Gamma Type Help - Can I modify it?

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Gamma Type Help - Can I modify it?

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Im looking at making a gamma type Stirling engine. However, in the
configuration I am going to make it, one thing is posing a real
problem. The problem is that the tube that connects one cylinder to
the other cylinder is setup as shown in my picture in the link below
(with the brown line showing the tube).

However, I need the tube to connect to the top of cylinder 2 instead
of the bottom like it currently is to allow my configuration to work,
but im unsure of how I can make this work.

Is this possible? Currently they are ofset by 90 degrees. What happens
if I put the tube at the top and offset it by 270 degrees instead,
would this work?

I know my question is an odd one, but I would really appreciate any


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