Quick tips for winning the science fair.

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Quick tips for winning the science fair.

Postby kaylee315 » Thu Apr 07, 2005 4:27 pm

1. Pick a subject that could solve one of today's problems.

2. Pick a catchy title. This gets the attention of the judges.

3. Go to an office supply store or an art supply store to buy:

A three-panel display board (hopefully in black)

A set of labels ("Title," etc.)

Poster board to decorate the inside

Craft scissors with a decorative cutting edge.

4. Create computer-generated graphs. (Microsoft Excel is great for
this.) Use color to make each bar more vibrant.

5. Type up all commentaries, captions, etc. NO handwriting unless your
fair's rules demand it. Pick a font which is vertical and easy to read
such as Verdana, Arial, Tahoma or Century Gothic. Do not pick an
artistic font which is difficult to quickly read. I realize that your
child's handwriting proves kid participation but the judges need a
display they can quickly and easily read.

6. Practice with your Junior Einstein the opening sentence and the
longer explanation. This should be delivered like a student would, not
like a mainframe salesman from IBM would.

7. Dress neatly and professionally (the kid, not the parent, that is).
You probably won't be there during the judging any way. If your kid
looks like he or she just stepped out of an MTV video, make them step
back in the bedroom and put on the suit from Aunt Bertha's funeral
last May. Better to be in black and formal than in a double ruffled
mini-skirt...especially if you have a son. :-)

8. Take out the body piercings. (One pair of conservative earrings is
fine but let's not wear the ones from the National Geographic
aborigines which hang down to the waist.) Cover up the tattoos. Opt
for a normal hairstyle rather than the pink streaky spiky hairdo held
in place by two tons of gel. Think job interview, not mosh pit.

9. Apply generally accepted methods of scientific investigation and do
it well.

10. The project should be a combination of good science and good art.

11. Use humor. It will make the whole process a lot more fun and more
memorable for you both.

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