Stirling engine for class project

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Stirling engine for class project

Postby rqs5090 » Wed Nov 12, 2008 9:21 am

We have been asked to design a solar dryer for class and have been
thinking about using a Fresnel lens hooked up to a Stirling engine to
power a dryer. How much energy do you think the engine would have to
produce for this to work? I was also wondering how much an engine of
this size might cost?
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Response to Stirling engine for class project

Postby bptdude___2569 » Wed Nov 12, 2008 2:52 pm

Oh, I had to go outside and watch for deer for awhile before answering this one. :)

You can not use a Fresnel lens from an old lighthouse type of lens. There are modern solar cookers that use Fresnel lens technology that look like a cross between a giant Boy Scout cooker and aluminim bar-b-que gone bad!

The sadest part of the current generation of kids is lack of why things work. But, they are kids, so if they have a sense of humor, here goes, you asked.

If you are looking to plug a hair dryer into an electric plug powered by this Stirling engine thing, well, points for creativity. At least you heard of the Stirling, and in theory, someday we hope it would be that easy. Should be soon, actualy. ;)

But ....

Objective: " solar dryer "

Let us assume out best option based on current available designs.

Solar clothes dryer.

Get { class buy } Fresnel lens solar cooker being sponsored by the U.N. field project. Being able to play with one and show people is better than making one.

Google it yourself!

then ....

turn it into a solar clother dryer.

the light as well as heat focus with the Fresnel lens.
this is the device's advantage for your project.

NOW, if you get a good size solar cell from ebay, just commercial stuff they use for houses. if you put it near the Fresnel focus point you might melt the solar cell! As you get close, watch the output on voltmeter..

It is cheaper to build Fresnel reflectors that silicon for solar cells up to some point of effeciency.

good luck on your prject...

oh yeah, forgot to tell you how it worked.

use a small amount of Fresnel enhanced solar cells, to power an electric motor { look up what matches solar cell, check toy webs }

the electric motor turns a clothes line, lightweight, like something you made yourselves out of steel clotheshangers.

a small electric fan, also powered off its own small solar cell, near the Fresnel, moves the air to speed drying.

Add this to the open source save the earth technology revolution!


Good luck with your project.

Stirling was just not the answer, because your primary objective was to dry, which was best served by direct heat, not reproducing heat.

You could have built a Stirling to move the air, but quite honest, because you have the Fresnel cooker, you want to play with solar cells for people.

The same Fresnel technology is of great value to Stirling engine future designs, where a focused beam of solar power will turn a real medium sized all purpose engine.

Best Regards,
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