100 Year Old Thermodynamics Text Book

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100 Year Old Thermodynamics Text Book

Postby stan.hornbaker » Sun May 03, 2009 11:57 am

Thermodynamics Text Book 1800's (posted on HAES By Garret)


Over 700 pages (90MB) of arcane data including saturated steam table
for 'disulphide of carbon' a real nasty chemical!

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Response to 100 Year Old Thermodynamics Text Book

Postby stan.hornbaker » Tue May 05, 2009 6:08 pm

Re: Thermo book 1800's


Garret(HAES) supplied above link which many here could benefit from. It's from 1900, but written in a student style common to mid 1800s which allows Tesla types to self learn similar Abe Lincoln's fireside education. In modern buzz: text is highly accessible (check out Ericsson text starting pg. 225).

Since most here are not history buffs...this type of text disappeared
with the rise of the University system, whereby most later texts
required an instructor 'key' or remained largely incoherent. In this
manner, formal education evolved beyond gentry class to the masses while the 'gatekeeper' evolved from the rich to the teacher. US public education has always been weak (ya get what ya pay for???) and by early 1900s evolved into the 'factory' model where mass education was for industrial benefit (educatoio on a need to know basis where most were expected to be mere cogs for the Industrial wheel). Post WWII, US public education was again tweaked as propaganda means during cold war. However, US education fell into a pit when states centralized local school boards and allowed the rise of educational textbook makers to pander to administrative bozos. My point is that any degreed guy under 75 yrs old is a product of this 'warped' education which serves to maintain the status quo. No doubt, such education can find 'gainful' employment (serving the rich) but don't expect any earth shaking change from such.

Sorry about Off Topic diatribe, but it explains (partially) why we're in this energy dilemma. (pacificstirling)
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Response to 100 Year Old Thermodynamics Text Book

Postby grumpy933 » Wed Sep 30, 2009 1:14 pm

In the "For What it's Worth" Department:

The aforementioned book title as described on the Internet Archive website is:

Title: "The Principles of Thermodynamics"
with special applications to hot-air, gas and steam engines
Author: Röntgen, Robert; Du Bois, A. Jay (Augustus Jay), 1849-1915
Subject: Thermodynamics; Heat-engines
Publisher: New York : J. Wiley
Possible copyright status: NOT_IN_COPYRIGHT
Language: English
Call number: nrlf_ucb:GLAD-256129
Digitizing sponsor: MSN
Book contributor: University of California Libraries
Collection: americana; cdl

The actual url is:


- no spaces, no space between "rnric" and "h.pdf", no space between "rnrich" and "/principles".

(Response pane is possibly adding artifacts to the url and definitely reformatting text as entered)
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