stainless steel heater tubes

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stainless steel heater tubes

Postby idkleine » Fri Jan 01, 2010 1:22 am

I am trying to design/build a larger beta type Stirling for running on
wood/coal heat. I have been researching all manner of Stirling design
for 2 years now and have a pretty good idea of how I want to go about
it. The challenge I am up against right now is that I want to use a
cluster of 316 Stainless steel tubes for the air passages between the
hot cap and the regenerator which can both be stainless as well. I am
wondering what options there are for fastening the s.s. tube ends into
holes drilled in the hotcap/regen? Stainless is the only thing I don't
know how to weld and even if I could, welding dozens of tiny tube
ends, say 1/4" diameter into their holes sounds troublesome. I am
wondering about brazing options or possibly mechanical fasteners of
some sort? I need it to be able to handle 600 deg F or so and I want
to pressurize the engine as well. If anyone has any ideas for me or
knows what has been used in the past let me know. Ive never really
seen a DYIer use this type of heater and Im guessing this might be one
of the reasons why. If I cannot find a solution I may consider using
heavier wall carbon steel tubes and hot cap. I just don't know how
well it would hold up to extended periods of heat and pressure. I am a
machinist and have access to a full machine shop and materials but my
knowledge of stainless steel is really limited to just machining.
If anyone has any ideas for me or knows what has been used
successfully in the past let me know.

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Response to stainless steel heater tubes

Postby dholmes7812 » Fri Jan 08, 2010 11:09 pm

What about flared ends, like on hydraulic tubing?
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