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The Eco Power Stirling engine is a great way to have more fun building a Stirling engine while spending less money.

You will spend less money because we carefully designed the Eco Power engine to pack flat, so we can keep manufacturing, storage and shipping costs low. We also used a CNC laser to precision cut the top aluminum plate of the engine. This saves you money and makes the engine easier to assemble.

The most fun thing about this engine will be when your friends watch you run it and try to figure out how you got an engine to run on “water”! Don’t tell them it’s really the heat, not the water, that makes it run!

The Eco Power engine will give you a lot of fun and last a long time until your brother in law sits on it or your dog chews it up. However if your neighbor’s moronic kid sticks his pocket knife through the diaphragm, well then it’s time to re-cycle this engine and buy a new one.

This engine is NOT recommended for anyone who doesn’t know which end of a screw driver to pick up or for anyone who never reads the instructions. We don’t guarantee that you will have the skills to get it to run. If have built a few other models, then this is a good kit for you. Don’t buy it if you have never built anything else in your life.

You can download the complete set of instructions (size 2 Mb) for the Eco Power engine in .pdf format for free. Here are some additional instructions that have been added to the original instructions.

If you want a very easy to build kit, we recommend this electric motor kit.

If you think this engine is cool, then you probably have at least two friends who would also think it is cool, so we suggest saving money by buying a three pack. Keep one kit for yourself, and give the other engines to your dad, your brother, or your friends who just think they are cool!

If you are a teacher (or if you would like to give a great gift to your favorite science class) we also sell the Eco Power engine (at even lower prices) as a ten pack.

Here is a fun trivia Quiz on the Eco Power Stirling engine:

Quiz Question # 1: How long did this Stirling engine take to develop?

Answer: Over three years of off and on effort. The big problem was figuring out how to build the top plate at a reasonable cost. One company wanted over $35,000 just to build a tool to make the top plate.

Question # 2: How many parts are in this engine.

There are 50 parts we track in our database right now (but that will probably go up).

Question # 3: How many different vendors are there?

There are fifteen different vendors and everything is custom made except for things like fasteners, envelopes and plastic bags.

Question # 4: How many different people worked on developing this engine?

Answer: Primarily about 4 people, but if you count everyone who was involved it would probably be about 15.

Question # 5: The engine looks so simple, how could it have taken that long and have so much complexity?

Answer: Have you ever watched the Olympics? They make excellence look easy and so do we!

Why not buy one today?

Note: This engine kit does require some skill to put together. For that reason we recommend our MM-9 package for Science Fairs. We think that the lower parental stress of having one working engine and one kit is worth the extra money.

Some people should buy ready to run engines instead of kits. This kit engine isn’t for everyone.

The first Eco Power Stirling Engine I built did not work. Anyway I was sent an improved replacement kit, which went together easy and worked first time. I would like to give this a five star review, but the DVDs three of them so far have serious problems that they will not play properly on all of my three DVD players. Get this sorted and then this is a great kit.
Fantastic Father Daughter Project
I was delighted to receive a model Stirling engine kit that arrived in a flat postage envelope. Assembling it with my 8 year old daughter was a fantastic challenging project only requiring some basic household tools and glues.

The instructions, on a DVD, are very clear and easy to follow. The assembly of cardboard cutout and light alluminium sheet parts took about 4 hours and the engine operated the first time without requiring adjustment.

I'm sure many people will get hours of fun and enjoyment from this kit.

Don Clucas Technical Director - Whisper Tech Ltd. Christchurch New Zealand.

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