Homopolar Electric Motor Kit

Homopolar Electric Motor

2 Pack. Build two homopolar electric motors – a great value. In stock.


If you are interested in alternative energy energy it's very important for you to understand electric motors. Of course the best way for you to start learning about electric motors is to build one yourself.

We put together a kit for what is probably the world's simplest electric motor, it's called a homopolar motor. The motors are really easy to build but hard to understand. For starters there is no obvious reason why they rotate at all! Humm...

If you have some powerful magnets, stiff copper wire and batteries in your junk box, you can get started right away. However the magnets are often hard to find.

If you live outside of North America, stiff copper wire may be hard to find too because the copper wire that is sold for house wiring in countries where 220 V is standard, is stranded and is too flexible to make homopolar motors easily.

We put all the hard to find items (and some batteries to make it even easier) in a box along with a great set of instructions. This kit includes two neodymium magnets, two AA batteries, and 4 ft (1.2 m) of copper wire.

This is enough material to build at least two motors and have some extra copper wire for experimenting with new designs.

Keep these magnets far away from your Ipod, your laptop, or any hard drive. They are very powerful and can quickly damage any kind of magnetic hard drive.

After you have used the batteries in a homopolar motor you probably shouldn't put them into any electronic equipment, because the batteries are more likely to leak after being used in a homopolar motor.

You can download the complete set of instructions for our homopolar motor kit in .pdf format for free. (size 5 Mb)

The 3 minute video below tells how to build our homopolar motor kit.