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Power this engine with a cup of steaming hot coffee or set it on a plate of ice chips (or a bowl of ice cream) to see it run in the opposite direction. The MM-1 has been used for educational demonstrations from middle school science classes to United States Naval Academy thermodynamics classes. Click here for a video clip. If you have broadband you may enjoy a Flash animation of this engine.

We have one of these left in stock and when it’s sold it’s history. This is the last one we plan to make.

This engine is also a favorite of engineers and techies all over the world! If you need to give a gift to someone who loves technology this is guaranteed to make him happy. The MM-1 comes ready to run and spins about 250 rpm on hot coffee or 100 rpm running on ice.

MM-1 video clip running on a cup of hot coffee (974 K).

MM-1 video clip running on Bryers ice cream (777 K).

MM-1 Stirling is Easy and Fascinating
This kit is a snap to build and like any Stirling, mesmerizing! The kit comes complete with all the hardware and clear instructions. A short build and then a little adjustment and the engine is good to go. Our guests stand transfixed and smiling when I rev it up with a hot cup of water and an ice cube! This is a great gift that for a teen with an interest in physical science. I give the thing an A+.
This engine is really fun to play with. When I show it at gas engine and antique engine shows, everyone really likes it.
I'm Impressed! On May 27, I placed an order on your website for the coffee-cup Stirling engine and the book Around the World by Stirling Engine. On June 2 I received an email that my order had been shipped. On June 3, the order arrived on my doorstep, and yesterday, June 4, I gave a lecture demonstration with it in my physical chemistry class, on the next to last lecture of the year. Thanks for delivering so promptly. It made it possible to get an immediate benefit for my students, who were enthralled. The little engine chugged along on both hot water and ice water. Thanks, again, for enriching my p chem class! John Wheeler Chemistry Department Univ Calif. San Diego (UCSD)
Prestige Booster!
It helps my prestige by having the coolest toy around. J. Pierson, Minnesota
Hard to Believe that it Runs on Ice!
Dear Kathy and Brent, My MM-1 Stirling engine arrived today in excellent time for my class presentation tomorrow at 10:00 AM. Thanks for the excellent customer service! It is difficult for professors and students to believe that an engine will "run on ice" unless they see it happen. This will help present my research project proposal. Sincerely, Tom Duke University of Northern Iowa
Stirling the Toast of Toastmasters!
Hi Kathy & Brent, I've demonstrated the engine to Toastmasters of Rockwall and Awesome Articulators (AA) which meets at L-3 Communications. I received the most interest from the AA club which consists mainly of engineers like me. Regards, Steve Selby, Rockwall, TX
Kathy, I received the assembled engine yesterday afternoon. This is a WONDERFUL demonstration tool! I got the best response (so far) by placing the engine on a block of ice and placing folded up paper towels soaked in hot water on top. Friday's demo is going to be really fun thanks to you! Kathy Bash, Portland State University Portland, Oregon (Placed with author's permission.)

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