MM-9 Science Fair Winner's Package


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Stirling Engines

This package includes everything we could think of to help make your science fair project a winner! The first product is our transparent, zero pollution Coffee Cup Stirling engine kit (model MM-5) that comes ready for your student to assemble. The second product is a ready to run transparent Coffee Cup Stirling engine for your student to use if he or she chooses to have a somewhat larger display (and as a backup in case something goes wrong with your kit). We recommend running the engine your student builds on a small light bulb (to simulate solar operation) and running the ready to run engine on a cup of steaming hot water (to simulate geo-thermal operation).

We also include a copy of Around the World by Stirling Engine, and a spare diaphragm. This product gives both students and their parents the confidence that their science fair project will be a wonderful, low stress, educational experience. It’s good to know that in the unlikely event that you have trouble with your kit you can simply use the ready to run engine.

This can be used as an environmental science (earth science) project by emphasizing the clean fuel sources that Stirling engines can run on. You can also use it as a chemistry science fair by talking about Boyle’s law, because this is a really great Boyle’s law demo. You can also use it a phyics science fair by emphasizing the Carnot cycle and how similar it is to the Stirling cycle. You may enjoy reading our suggestions on how to win science fairs. Don’t forget to read our FAQ.

My Daughter Wins!
My 10 year old daughter built the kit engine all by herself on one Saturday! Her experiment was running the engine on hot or cold sources to see which one ran the longest and the fastest. The engine ran the longest (almost three hours) on a commercial cold pack called Pro Gel. My daughter says that this project was "really cool" and she plans to do another Stirling engine experiment next year.
Red Ribbon at the Science Fair!
Hello American Stirling: I wanted to let you know that our ten year old son who built a Stirling engine (propeller over mug) won 2nd place in his grade for his science fair project at his school in February. First place was to his brother so we can't be upset about that! Thank you for your help! We were very impressed with your kit and we appreciate the rush delivery [rush delivery is not always available - ed.] and advice to buy your book. FYI - Our son's presentation showed that he was well informed and well prepared - we had compliments from the school staff and parent judges. Our son's grin went from ear to ear when he received his ribbon! Stacey Russello Oakton, VA

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