Smart Stirling Lab Engine v. 2.0


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This engine is intended for physics, thermodynamics, and mechanical engineering professors who want to provide a high-quality lab experience for their students. It comes with pressure, temperature, and volume sensors along with custom electronics and custom data acquisition software that runs on your PC.

Click here to download a 27 meg .exe file that includes the software and sample data.

For a more detailed description of this engine please download the manual (8.5 meg .pdf file). You may also enjoy the online version of the manual.

We have an additional page that describes this engine.

Shipping to the USA via ground service is $149.00. Shipping to Canada and Mexico is $270.00 via ground service. Shipping anywhere else in the world is $560.00 by air.

Canadian and Mexican customers should select international shipping when ordering online, but they will be charged the lower $270.00 shipping price.

The KY-2000 is very effective for demonstrations and lab exercises during the power cycles modules of our thermodynamics courses in our Chemical Engineering program.

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