Stirling Candle Kit - Ecorun 2.1 - Made in Germany


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Stirling Engines

This medium temperature Stirling engine is powered by the heat of a typical tea light candle. It is suitable for an easy and quick demonstration of the basic thermodynamics working in a Stirling engine and is great fun to assemble.

The kit comes packed in a box, that will be used as the engine’s housing. It includes all necessary parts (about 150 parts) to assemble the engine and the candle rack.

No Machining Required

Neither gluing nor machining is required. You only need common hand tools to assemble it. And you don’t have to wait for any glue to dry.

This kit ships with assembly drawings and a construction guide (which provides the step by step instructions to build the engine) including a paragraph explaining the engine’s function.

Dimensions: diameter ~100mm, height ~250mm
Speed: about 300-600 rpm

The included candle gives an operation time of about 3-4 hours.


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