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The Stirling Stove Fan is a Stirling engine powered fan that quietly and efficiently circulates warm air from your wood stove, coal stove or other heat source, throughout your home or workshop, dramatically increasing the effectiveness of your heating appliance and improving your comfort level. No longer will you have to stoke your stove to blazing-hot temperatures only to end up with a VERY hot area in the direct proximity of your stove and mildly warm air across the room. The Stirling Stove Fan helps to uniformly circulate the air, leaving you a cozy, comfortable atmosphere to enjoy while reducing the amount of fuel your appliance consumes. In addition, the stove fan costs you absolutely nothing to operate!

How does it work?

The Stirling Stove Fan does not require any electricity whatsoever! No batteries. No electricity. The Stirling fan is self-powered from the heat of the stove. It utilizes a small, quiet Stirling cycle power plant built into the fan. Making it a very eco-friendly fan.

The Stirling cycle power plant obtains its power from rapidly heating and cooling the same volume of air. When the air is heated, it expands, pushing a piston upward; when the same volume of air is rapidly cooled, it contracts, pulling the same piston downward, providing power. The same volume of air is heated and cooled very rapidly converting the heat energy to mechanical energy used to turn the fan blade.

The Stirling Stove Fan’s speed increases relative to the temperature increase of its heat source. So, the hotter your stove, the faster the fan will run and the higher the volume of air circulated. The fan uses the latest and best technology, including a borosilicate glass cylinder, graphite piston and ultra-low friction, demagnetized bearings to ensure it is completely maintenance free. You never have to oil it!

Benefits and Specification

* No electricity needed
* Works entirely from the heat from the stove
* Eco friendly
* 100% mechanical
* Quiet, safe, economical operation
* Zero Maintenance (technical advances means no oiling)
* No fragile electronics
* Circulates up to 2.2 times more air than other stove fans
Air flow is approximately 215 CFM at 930°F (500°C)
* Operates on almost all stoves:
From 300°F (150°C) to 930°F (500°C)
* Precision engineered and hand built
* Costs nothing to operate
* Quiet operation
* 3-year, comprehensive manufacturer warranty
* Overall height: 12.125″ (30.8 cm)
* Overall width: 10″ (25.4 cm)
* Base dimensions: 6″ x 3″ (15.4 cm x 7.7 cm)
* Weight: 2.53 lb (1.15 kg)
* Fan diameter: 10″ (25.4 cm)
* Material: stainless steel, aluminum, brass
* Color: Black, stainless, aluminum, brass

Types of Wood Stoves the Stove Fan Works With

Over the centuries, hundreds, if not thousands, of types of wood stoves have been made. As long as the metal top of your stove heats up to at least 300°F the fan should work with your stove. On stoves with uneven surfaces, the fan may need to be wedge with a piece of aluminum foil to prevent it from pivoting around. The fan does not usually work with soapstone stoves (block of stone on top of a stove), or stoves with a water jacket around the stove that is connected to a radiator, as they do not get hot enough. The same may be true for rocket stove mass heaters. The fan also does not work with fireplace inserts.

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