Stirling Engine Fans

Stirling wood stove fan.

Stirling engine fans were quite a popular item before we had electricity.

They were used to circulate air around a hot room.

Now frequently known as wood stove fans, many hobbyists still enjoy Stirling engine fans and people use them in remote areas, like cabins, that have little to no electricity.

While they aren’t as widespread at they once were, here are a few places you can purchase fans – and one fan kit:

American Stirling Company (this website)

Vulcan Stove Fan

Penn Tool Co.

Stirling Cycle Motor Driven Fan


Steelhead Stove Fan


MyFordBoy Stove Fan Kit
Outside the U.S.?

The Vulcan Stove Fan, which is for purchase on our website, is also available throughout the world.

Click here for a list of vendors outside the United States.

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