Take this fun quiz to test your knowledge of Stirling trivia!

1. Robert Stirling had a day job. It was:

a) minister of the church of Scotland 
b) clerk in the Swiss patent office
c) engineer for the B&O Railroad 
d) professor at MIT

2. Robert Stirling named the Stirling engine after himself.


3. The lowest temperature differential to ever power a Stirling engine was: 

a) 30 degrees F
b) 15 degrees F
c) 5 degrees F
d) < 1 degree F

4. The largest Stirling engine ever built was: 

a) 250 horsepower
b) 500horsepower
c) 1000 horsepower 
d) 10,000 horsepower

5. Stirling engines can be reversed and used as refrigerators?


6. Choose the best answer. Stirling engines have: 

a) flown in seat 23-C of an airliner
b) been in space 
c) powered one of the first French built aircraft 
d) powered a radio control model aircraft 
e) definitely A, B, and D, but maybe C, too

7. How many parts are there in the American Stirling engine model MM-1? Click Here for a hint.

a) 12
b) 26
c) 37 
d) 49

8. The highest power Stirling engine in use today powers a: 

a) Mack Truck
b) locomotive 
c) luxury cruise ship
d) submarine

9. Robert Stirling’s most important invention was the Stirling engine?