mm7 stirling engine. Powered by the heat of your hand

MM-7 Stirling Engine

Heat of Your Hand Stirling Engine

The elegant MM-7 is a beautiful conversation piece for your home or office. It will run indefinitely on your warm hands, or on top of any electronic device that generates sufficient heat. It will even run on the bright sunlight shining through your window. It only requires a 7.2°F (4°C) difference between the top and base plates. The MM-7 makes a unique gift for that special person who has everything. Amaze your friends, your family, your co-workers, or just yourself!

Eco Power Stirling Engine

Low Cost Stirling Engine

At only $39.00, our Eco Power Stirling Engine kit is an excellent price breakthrough. It’s fun to build and a great introduction to the world of Stirling engines.

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• Powered by hot coffee
or ice cubes
• Powered by the heat from your warm hand • Power your house with a Stirling engine.
• Ready to assemble. Pleasant 2 or 3 evening kit. • Can run on a computer monitor, fax machine, or
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