Assembling your Coffee Cup Stirling Engine Kit

Taking Parts Inventory

Coffee Cup Stirling Engine: Taking Parts Inventory

I don’t have a method to tell you how to do this, other than be careful.  If you must dump all the parts out to count them, do it on something like a bowl or a cookie sheet so you don’t loose any.  The best idea is to do the inventory with the parts still in the bag.

The Crankcase Group

Crankcase [C1]


Stirling Engine Decal [C2]


Thermometer Decal [C3]


Long Brass Tube (Handle) [C4]


Short Brass Tube [C5] (Same as [S7])



Aluminum Rivits (2) [C6]


The Cylinder Group



Displacer (yellow foam disk) [D1]


Displacer Plug [D2]


Displacer Rod [D3]


Cylinder Ring (clear acrylic plastic) [D4]


Cylinder Cap [D5]


The Piston Group



Packaged Piston Assembly [P1]


Unpackaged Piston Assembly [P1]


Black Rubber Gasket [P2]


Large Brass Washer [P3] (only one in the kit: the right side shows the
side with the protective paper on it)



Brass Nuts (3) [P4] (same as [S11])



The Crankshaft Group



Crankshaft [S1]


Upper Displacer Rod [S2] (shorter) and Upper Displacer Rod Bearing [S3]


Piston Rod [S4] (longer) and Piston Rod Bearing [S5]


Connector (black rubber tubing) [S6]


Short Brass Tube [S7] (Same as [C5])



Hex Wrench [269], Set Screws [268], Short Reducer [275], Long Reducer [276]

Propeller [S10]


Brass Nuts (2) [S11] (same as [P4])


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