Assembling your Coffee Cup Stirling Engine Kit

What You Will Need to Build the MM-5 Kit Engine

This picture shows a selection of tools that you will find handy while building your MM-5 kit Stirling engine.

You will need:

1.  An adhesive such as epoxy or silicone.  To get the prettiest glue joints at the top and the bottom of the Cylinder Ring, the best adhesive to use is a good clear 30 minute epoxy such as Devcon 2 Ton Clear, however the silicone adhesives work well too.  You may want to read through these instructions first to get a better feel for which would be right for you.

2.  Perfectionists will want to use a flat file such as the one shown to de-burr the displacer rod before assembly.

3.  You will need some superglue.  This instant adhesive is used several places in the engine.  Buy the cheapest tube you can find.

4.  A six inch extension (15.24 cm) is quite handy, although you could get by without it if you had a good set of pliers.  A 5/16 in. socket (8 mm) also is needed.

5.  Pliers.  You will need a set of needle nose pliers.  Needle nose Vise Grip brand locking pliers work the absolute best.

6.  Drill bit.  Most builders will want to have a 1/16 in., 1.5 mm, or # 52 drill bit handy to ream out the bearings.


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